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For Ohio Prisoners Who Have Received Poor Medical Care

  • If a loved one of yours is a prisoner in Ohio with a claim of medical malpractice;
  • Or has died or had a serious injury due to an avoidable accident or a correction officer's use of excessive force;
  • Or has died or been seriously injured due to a suicide attempt where the institution failed to take reasonable precautions.
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Jimmie Sanders Didn’t know about his cancer until after his release. The prison doctors had known for 8 months.

This is His Story

A person convicted of a crime and held as a prisoner does not give up all of their rights

Federal and state law require that prisoners be treated in a humane manner. Ohio law ensures that the prisoner is protected from medical malpractice. The Constitution's Eighth Amendment applies to prisoner medical care that is poor enough to be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Your rights & how they can be protected

William M. Saks

Staff Attorney - ACLU of Ohio

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A lawyer who gets results for prisoners seriously harmed by poor medical care

Lawyer William M. Saks represents Ohio prisoners who have been subjected to medical misconduct, including medical negligence and deliberate indifference to prisoners' serious medical needs.

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Negligence Caused Preventable Death

Jimmie Sanders did his time but when he was released from prison, he did not have much time left. A tumor in his lung had been detected eight months before his release from Madison Correctional Institution and was small enough to be removed. However, the paperwork concerning it became lost and his doctor failed to follow up. When Mr. Sanders was freed, he found out the tumor was cancerous and he had only a few months to live. Saks pursued Mr. Sanders’ claim for medical negligence and obtained a sizable settlement for his loved ones.