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The Rights of a Prison Inmate to Bring a Medical Lawsuit

Prisoners in Ohio are entitled to compensation for medical misconduct that harms them. Their families are entitled to compensation for a wrongful death due to inadequate medical care. A family may also have a claim if the institution fails to prevent a suicide.

Inadequacy of Care

The law requires the same level of care for prisoners as non-prisoners.
The government must provide adequate medical care for all persons in its custody, including prisoners. Unfortunately, a prisoner often needs more care than the average non-prisoner. This can be due to chronic diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, gunshot or knife wounds, substance abuse problems and mental health issues.

However, prisoners generally receive less care. Ohio’s prisons are overcrowded and understaffed, limiting a prisoner’s “face time” with medical providers, and prisoners are rarely allowed a second opinion about their medical condition. Understaffing may also cause failure to take adequate precautions concerning prisoners at risk for suicide.

Inadequate treatment can have serious consequences for the prisoner, including disability, disease and death. Saks obtains sizable amounts for prisoners who are the victims of medical misconduct.

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Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is tragic and all the more distressing when it is the result of inadequate medical care. Money will not bring your loved one back, but a family experiencing such a loss should receive compensation for financial hardship and loss of companionship. Saks obtains sizable amounts for the families of wrongfully deceased prisoners.

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Disability and Pain

Disability and severe pain as well as death can occur because of failure to adequately detect or treat cancer and many other serious diseases. These include hepatitis, HIV, sepsis/blood poisoning, other infections including MRSA, and diseases of the heart, brain, lungs, liver and other organs. Saks obtains sizeable amounts for prisoners who are suffering from severe disability or pain due to medical misconduct.

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Accidents and Violence

Prisoners live in a dangerous environment. They face a risk of harm both due to accidents and violent acts of other prisoners and sometimes corrections personnel. Prisoners’ consequences can be made worse by delayed or inadequate care. Saks obtains sizable amounts for prisoners who suffer severe disability or pain due to inadequate treatment or delays after emergencies.

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